Ş   İ   İ   R     Ö   Z   B   İ   L   G   E


ETI  - Children’s Ferryboat project

The project set sail on the Bosphorus for the first time in 2007. In the second year, 300 children in groups of 90 between the ages of 7 and 12 engaged in fun and educational projects, in which each group spent a week on the ETİ Children's Ferry Boat between July 14th and July 30th. In the first year of the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat, the children had the opportunity to listen to mythological stories about historic sites and individuals in the city that they live in. During this time, the children also received instruction in painting and percussion while building their self-confidence by creating their own pieces of art in the workshops.

The workshops that the children individually participate in on the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat give them an opportunity to express their individuality and create an environment where they can develop their self-confidence. The team projects also provide an opportunity for them to experience the joy of sharing and working together.

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