ETI Children Boat

Here at ETİ, we not only provide the small pleasures of life but we also fulfill our responsibility to society. Our priority in the service of Turkey’s present and future is to support sustainable, long-term projects. For this reason, we are involved in projects that will contribute to the personal development of the children who will be the future of a modern Turkey. The ETİ Children’s Ferryboat project is an important part of this approach.

As part of the ETİ Children's Ferry Boat project that we launched in 2007, we take children between the ages of 7-12 under the protection of the Social Services and Child Protection Agency on an unforgettable tour of the Bosphorus in Istanbul where they engage in painting and percussion as well as history and drama workshops.


To date, a total of 800 children growing up with limited opportunities have not only discovered the matchless beauty of the Bosphorus in Istanbul on board the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat but that have also had the opportunity to develop themselves by participating in fun, educational workshops and gain knowledge that will guide them throughout their lives.

The workshops that the children individually participate in on the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat give them an opportunity to express their individuality and create an environment where they can develop their self-confidence. The team projects also provide an opportunity for them to experience the joy of sharing and working together.

The ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat becomes a fun and educational platform where safety is a top priority. The children are accompanied by authorized teachers from the Social Services and Child Protection Agency as well as an extensive educational staff of experts in various fields.

In three years, we have hosted 800 children on the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat.

The project set sail on the Bosphorus for the first time in 2007. In the second year, 300 children in groups of 90 between the ages of 7 and 12 engaged in fun and educational projects, in which each group spent a week on the ETİ Children's Ferry Boat between July 14th and July 30th. In the first year of the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat, the children had the opportunity to listen to mythological stories about historic sites and


individuals in the city that they live in. During this time, the children also received instruction in painting and percussion while building their self-confidence by creating their own pieces of art in the workshops.

In 2008, the history lessons were replaced by drama studies as the ferry boat featured the “Rainbow” concept and the play entitled Who Will Be the Rainbow was performed. Each of the children represented different colors of the rainbow, and on the last day, they performed the play after extensive rehearsals.

In 2009, almost 200 children received instruction in 2 groups of 100 on August 11-14th and August 17-20th.

The rhythm workshop featured the darbuka, marakas, tambourine and spoons. Not only did they enjoy listening to one another but they also learned the value of teamwork. Unlike previous years when percussion training was provided, this year the activities focused on glass painting, toy sculptures, t-shirt painting, hand-puppets, and recycled sculpting.

The children depicted themselves as the heroes who saved Istanbul on t-shirts that were printed with their pictures and which they then painted themselves.

The silhouette of Istanbul through the eyes of children...

In the glass-painting activity, which was planned based on stained glass art, the children demonstrated their creativity by depicting the landscape of Istanbul based on their observations from the ferry boat.


The children had the opportunity to shape the toys of their dreams with special colored clay, newspaper, wire and tape as well as making multicolored puppet designs from colored foam.

Recycled sea animals

One of the most beneficial activities on the ETİ Children's Ferry Boat was the recycled sculpting activity. First, the children were given a lesson on recycling and then they made gigantic sculptures of sea animals from ETİ packaging and plastic bottles.

In the Recycling Statute activity, where they will be given education on recycling, they created giant statues using ETİ packaging and pet bottles.

These works of art are being displayed in shopping centers in Turkey

Various handicrafts which the children view as their own creations are also on display at shopping centers around the country as part of the ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat Exhibition.

ETİ Children’s Ferry Boat Exhibition Program 2009 - 2010

09 – 15 November 2009 Cevahir Shopping Center – Istanbul
16- 22 November 2009 Carousel Shopping Center – Istanbul
23 November – 01 December 2009 İstinye Park – Istanbul
02 – 13 December 2009 Akmerkez – Istanbul
14- 27 December 2009 Espark Shopping Center - Eskişehir
28 December 2009 – 10 January 2010 Armada Shopping Center – Ankara
12 – 24 January 2010 Ofis Park Shopping Center – İzmir
26 January – 08 February 2010 Zafer Plaza – Bursa
8 – 14 February 2010 Astoria Shopping Center – Istanbul
15 – 21 February 2010 Palladium – Istanbul
22 February -07 March 2010-03-09 Carrefour Kozyatağı - Istanbul
08 - 21 March 2010 Pendorya Shopping Center - Istanbul

We are delighted to have the opportunity to make a contribution to seeing today’s children and tomorrow’s adults become creative, respectful, sharing individuals who can think critically and approach life with love.

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