Ş   İ   İ   R     Ö   Z   B   İ   L   G   E

Şiir Özbilge is a contemporary Turkish artist, studied history at Boğaziçi University. In the 90's she lived and worked in Vienna, Madrid and California. Moved back to Istanbul, 2002-2017.

Some of her paintings are animated by Sine Özbilge & İmge Özbilge  and belong to private art collectors.


Facebook : Kaostantinist
Instagram : Siirozbilge



2020 “Palazzo Bisaccioni / Fondazione Carisj Jesi” - Italy “Vegetative State” Şiir Özbilge-Marco Mascia

2018 Studio STAND UP – Cagliari Italy STORIA DI ISTANBUL solo exhibition  

2017 Pedrami Gallery – Antwerpen ORDER BORDER DISORDER   by  Imge Özbilge and  Şiir Özbilge

2017 Empire Project- Poligon Gallery Solo exhibition Conglomerate

2016  Art Sümer - "İndie-Line group show.

2014  Novacancy – Karaköy - solo exhibition Kaostantin-Memory"  

2014  Kare Sanat.  "Müphem” group exhibition

2013  Hayaka Arti - "Different 4”  Catharsis.  

2013  Gallery G-Art – Solo Exhibition Kaostantin - Inside Out (Hafriyat)  

2013  KargART - "ben ölümü eskittim, geliyorum."  group exhibition

2012  Gallery G-Art – Solo exhibition  Kaostantin-ist

2005  Istanbul - American Cultural Association Art Gallery Solo Exhibition.

2002  Vienna – Interkulttheater Solo Exhibition "Metaphern mit Haltung".

1999  Vienna – Institute of Sciences & Arts Feminist Theory & Women Studies Center Opening Exhibition by Women Artists.




2012  2. Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial, Artist Participation. 
2010  1. Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial, Artist Participation .

2009 - 2011  BABYLON - Alaçatı – Aya Yorgi Children Art Platform Coordinator.

2009 - 2011  44A Art Gallery and Hayaka Artı Art Platform Child Traces – Encounters with Artists. 
2009 – 2010  SANTRAL İSTANBUL Children Art Workshops.
2008 - 2010  Istanbul – UNEP BAYER Children art workshops – Project Coordinator.
2007 - 2009  Istanbul - Eti Kids' Ship Education Project Painting & Art Workshops with Children – Project Coordinator.
2007  Istanbul - Cezayir Street Fair Painting & Drawing Workshops with Children.
2005 - 2006  Istanbul - La Fontaine Pre-School Education Painting & Drawing Workshops with Children.
2003 – 2004  Istanbul – Cey Fine Arts Gallery Painting & Drawing Workshops with Children.1996 - 1998  Vienna – Margareten Youth Center Painting & Drawing Workshop with Children.
1994 - 1995  Vienna Fest - Children Theather Costume, Character and Stage Decoration Workshops with Children.   

"Creation, to me, is to try to orchestrate the universe to understand what surrounds us. Even if, to accomplish that, we use all sorts of stratagems which in the end prove completely incapable of staving off chaos."
Peter Greenaway 

"... It is in vain that we say what we see, because what we see never resides in what we say." 
Michel Foucault  

"The primitive begins alone; he inherits no practice. Because of this the term primitive may appear at first to be justified. He does not use the pictorial grammar of the tradition –hence he is ungrammatical. He has not learnt the technical skills which have evolved with the conventions –hence he is clumsy. When he discovers on his own a solution to a pictorial problem, he often uses it many times –hence he is naive. But then one has to ask: why does he refuse the tradition? And the answer is only partly that he was born far away from that tradition. The effort necessary to begin painting or sculpting, in the social context in which he finds himself, is so great that it could well include visiting the museums. 
But it never does, at least at the beginning. Why? Because he knows already that his own lived experience which is forcing him to make art has no place in that tradition. How does he know this without having visited the museums? He knows it because his whole experience is one of being excluded from the exercise of power in his society, and he realizes from the compulsion he now feels, that art too has a kind of power. 
The will of primitives derives from faith in their own experience and a profound skepticism about society as they have found it... "

John Berger