Ş   İ   İ   R     Ö   Z   B   İ   L   G   E


 Siir's Planet

Siir started with planet paintings as she moved to Istanbul from Vienna in 2003. The continuity between Viennese and Istanbul paintings is not evident at first sight as she also changed from paper to canvas. However there are several works of her which signal the move in style and theme. Infact the metaphorical creatures disappear from the pictures before she moves to Istanbul.

This painting made in the spring of 2002 on hardwood parquets reflects the color word of the Viennese paintings, though the creatures are already gone.

Viyana 2002

Works of early 2003 follow this first xample of the new series, however she starts to use more vibrant colors. Nature gets life from one picture to the next one, trees turn green and blossom. It is as if spring has arrived in the canvas.

In the 2004 paintings, a source of light (sun or moon) appears, gold and silver colors are introduced. She starts to use Swarovski crystals, even pieces of mirror to sharpen the light reflections.

Şiir gezegeni - İstanbul 2003
Şiir gezegeni - İstanbul 2004

Bilginc IT Academy
Interior Decoration Work

Bilginç IT Academy
Bilginç - Çalışma
Oyak Emeklilik - İç Mekan

Oyak Insurance
Interior Decoration Work

Oyak Emeklilik - Çalışma

In planet paintings I attempt to put forward a new way of seeing the planet that we crowd. Human figures which I call "creatures" were in the center of my paintings before I started the planet series. In order to concentrate in the way of seeing, I had to remove the humans from the surface of the planet. Now having acquired a new way of seeing the planet, I'm experimenting to bring the humans back to the surface of it.