Ş   İ   İ   R     Ö   Z   B   İ   L   G   E

Deepak Ram - Beauty in Diversity

The creation of music has been an organic process since the dawn of humanity, and Golden Horn Records hopes to continue that tradition. The independent record label works with musicians who are enthusiastic, and every album they release is a product of collaboration and love.

Veretski Pass (Segelstein, Horowitz, Brotman)

Golden Horn Records which has brought well-known musicians such as "Mercan Dede" and "Marc Sabetella" to the attention of public, chooses artists from a wide range that reflects the tradional and the contemporary world music.

It also encourages its artists to experiment with fusion of these distant genrés: Turkish, Greek, Indian, and Jewish artists come across and create together for Golden Horn.


Letter from Istanbul (Derya Turkan, Sokratis Sinopoulos)

Besides CD covers and booklets, Siir Ozbilge designed also the website of Golden Horn Records.

Hayalet is a small independent
publishing house in Istanbul.
To the right is "Flower"
by André Tattegrain of which
the cover work Siir delivered.

Book Cover